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Products / Services
Products / Services

Catalogs and marketing tools have to be created, web presence and manuals are also required, and promotion events and promotionals have to be thought about as well as marketing. At just such times, do not hesitate to consult with us. We are your one stop where we can deliver a multitude of services.

  • Sales Promotion
    Sales promotion strategy with thought-out results
  • Website Planning/Production
    Approached from the viewpoint of web marketing
  • Digital Marketing
    Site analytics, website advertising management
  • Systems Development
    With a growing track record. A high level of development capability brings improved efficiency to work tasks
  • Staffing Service
    Strong in the areas of document production and creative work
  • Design / Video / CG
    The power of design will enhance the customer's business
  • Manual Production
    Realization of manual production that addresses customer issues
  • Translation
    Smooth handling for translation to other languages
  • Printing, Editing/Creation, Proofreading
    Solid quality that delivers customer satisfaction
  • DAM "Image Store"
    DAM that can be started at a small size
  • "Raku-Raku Haiso" Delivery Management
    Easy delivery management even if using the first time
  • Raku-Raku Berth Management
    A smarter way to work, for both truck drivers and managing trucking
  • Attendant Care Service Management System
    Simplified management for attendant care services